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Coupon Rate vs Interest Rate | Top 8 Best Differences

The coupon rate can be considered as the yield on a fixed-income security. The interest rate is the rate charged by the lender to the borrower for the borrowed amount. Calculation. The coupon rate is calculated on the face value of the bond, which is being invested.

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Bootstrapping | How to Construct a Zero Coupon Yield Curve

Example #1. Consider different bonds with a face value of $ 100, with the yield to maturity equal to the coupon rate.The coupon details are as below:

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Trade Discount (Definition, Example) | Trade vs Cash Discount

A discount given by a seller to the buyer as a deduction in the list price of the commodity is a trade discount. A reduction in the amount of invoice allowed by the seller to the buyer in return for immediate payment is a cash discount. Purpose. To facilitate sales in bulk quantity. To facilitate prompt payment.

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Gross Sales Formula | Step by Step Calculation (with Examples)

In such a case, gross sales is $80+$20 = $100. Step 2: Next, find out the value of sales returns, which is the value of the merchandise returned. Add that to net sales. Step 3: Find out the value of sales allowances. Sales allowance is the amount of discount available on sales due to minor defects.

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What are Bonds? | Types of Bonds | Pricing, Risks, Indices

Fixed-rate bonds have coupons remaining constant throughout the life of the bond.; Floating Rate Notes are those having the coupon linked to the reference rate of interest, such as the LIBOR.Since these are volatile in nature, they are classified as Floating. For e.g., the interest rate may be defined as LIBOR + 0.25% and does get re-calculated on a periodical basis.

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Discount Factor (Meaning, Formula) | How to Calculate?

Discount Factor Formula. Mathematically, it is represented as below, DF = (1 + (i/n) )-n*t. where, i = Discount rate. t = Number of years. n = number of compounding periods of a discount rate per year. In the case of continuous compounding formula, the equation is modified as below, DF = e-i*t.

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Sales Credit Journal Entry | How to Record Credit Sales?

Example of Sales Credit Journal Entry Example #1. Apple Inc is a dealer of laptop & Computers, and he is selling goods to John electronics on 01.01.2018 of $ 50000 on credit, and his credit period is 15 days, which means John Electronics has to make the payment on or before 30.01.2018.

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Credit Spread (Meaning, Formula) | How to Calculate Credit

Credit Spread is defined as the difference in yield of two bonds (mostly of similar maturity and different quality of credit). If a 5 year Treasury bond is trading at a yield of 5% and another 5 years Corporate Bond is trading at 6.5%, then the spread over the treasury will be 150 basis points (1.5%) An increasing credit spread can be a cause

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