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Best Auto Insurance Discounts for Seniors — Free Quotes

Car insurance for seniors: rates, discounts, and more. Senior drivers pay, on average, $1,315 per year or $110 a month for auto insurance. The 60 to 69 age group pays the second-cheapest car insurance rates, behind only those in their 50s.

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How to save money during a crisis | The Zebra

If it’s yes, look for coupons or promo codes on sites like Honey and RetailMeNot before making your purchase to see if you can score a discount. If your budget shows a surplus, consider donating to a favorite charitable cause – many service organizations are working harder, with fewer resources, than ever.

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Transportation Benefits for Veterans | The Zebra

Greyhound offers 10 percent off bus tickets to all active duty military personnel and veterans. Family members traveling with a qualifying member will also receive a 10 percent discount on their bus ticket. If you have a Veterans Advantage membership, you can use that to access your ticket discount when purchasing online or in-person.

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Which Roadside Assistance Program is Best? | The Zebra

20% off CARFAX: 20% off CARFAX: One free year, 40% for additional reports: Vehicle inspection service: Free 40pt, or discount 86pt: Free 40pt, or discount 86pt: $45 mail-in rebate for 86pt: Extrication/Winching Service: One service per year: Two services: Two services: Rental Car Benefits: Discounted: Discounted plus one car-class upgrade

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Frugal Travel: 150 Tips To Use Today, This Summer, or

20. Book in January! (And Other Off-Season Advantages) Airlines usually offer their cheapest flights in January. This is the post-holiday lull when demand is low and most people aren’t traveling. Taking your vacation in January might seem counterintuitive, but you stand to save a bundle on ticket prices.

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The 2016 Guide to Buying a Car Online - Insurance News

Before buying her current car, Soos drove her previous one until it had nearly 275,000 miles on it because she hated the thought of visiting a dealership. But then she found Carvana. “I did research online for about a week and then one morning, after the kids were off to school at 7:15 a.m.,

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Should You Tip Your Uber Driver? - Insurance News | The Zebra

You and the driver are better off just not tipping him since the driver will be wasting even more time with you just because you wasn’t prepared to tip them in the first place. The driver could of had another ride within the 3-5 or even 15 minutes around driving just for a tip unless you plan on tipping big in which isn’t likely since you

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How to Stop Living Out of Your Car: A Guide for Those in

The Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) gives grants to states to provide coupons for seniors to redeem for foods at farmers’ markets, CSAs, The Zebra “Show Off Your Stripes” 2019 Scholarship. Content. Who pays more for car insurance in 2018: Democrats or Republicans? Content. Professional Auto Claims Adjuster – Mindy

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Uber's New Competitor Could Transform the Ridesharing

Jennifer is a content marketer at The Zebra and a seasoned contributor at Quoted, where she is dedicated to providing news, timely tips and straightforward advice on navigating the world of car insurance, in addition to trends and shifts in the auto industry at large.

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Holidays – Insurance News | The Zebra

Many taxi companies and car services offer vouchers or coupons that can be purchased ahead of time and distributed to guests at the event. In this case, companies can let their employees know ahead of time that they will each receive a taxi coupon worth say, $20, at the end of the evening, and employees can plan accordingly.

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