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Strategic Finance - Leadership Strategies For Accountants

Leadership strategies for accountants. With more than 300 members, the CMA Nanjing Elite Club is one of the most active in China and a model for new clubs.

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BEWARE OF FALSE PROFITS - sfmagazine.com

sessed all of approximately $30 in postal coupons. Mathematically Impossible The structure of a Ponzi scheme inevitably dooms it to failure because it’s mathematically impossible to sustain. Because few, if any, of the victims’ funds are actually invested in a legitimate income-generating activity, the

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Tone at the Top: Why Investors Should Care

half-off coupons, to consumers, pays the merchant half of that, and keeps the remaining fee income to cover expenses and generate a profit. The company experienced fast growth and was an innovator in consumer market - ing. In fact, it grew so quickly that management decided to have an initial public offering (IPO) when the compa -

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e N. A. C. A. BULLETIN - sfmagazine.com

The coupons are produced from duplicator masters which we have built up for each item in the line, and are run off on a liquid type duplicator. The advantage of this setup for masters is great inasmuch as we can run one coupon or one hundred coupons from a master, depending on the quantity we want to order at one time,

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Valuation SMA NEWS COSO Releases New Guidance

that does not kick off a race to the bottom.” The SEC published a proposed roadmap for U.S. adoption of IFRS last November. It would allow some large U.S. companies (about 110) to voluntarily adopt IRFS by the end of 2009 and sets a 2011 date for the SEC to make a go-or-no-go decision for all companies. If the green light is flashed

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