How The Race For A COVID Vaccine Is Revolutionizing Big

Drugmakers are teaming up like never before to fight the coronavirus. The benefits could last well beyond the pandemic.

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Ebay Courts Early Holiday Shoppers With 10% Discount | Fortune

The retailer, which is used by both established retailers and individuals, is offering the discount until 8 a.m. ET on Oct 26.

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Take Your $20, and a Coupon AD-OMATIC TELLER MACHINES

Others print messages or cents-off coupons on the receipts they spit out. Sponsors that have tested ATM ads include Compaq Computer, Sears, Nissan, Paramount Pictures, and The idea, of course, is to deliver the one-two punch of a TV and print ad to a captive consumer who's about to grab a fistful of cash.

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Listening to the coupon clickers - Jun. 17, 2008

Specifically, Boal pays attention to what he calls mid-quality coupons, which are coupons of well-known brands with, say, 20% to 30% off. Then he tracks the percentage of coupons that people print after viewing them the first time. That in turn is measured against the redemption rate.

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The 100 Best Companies To Work For In America - January 12

67 VALASSIS COMMUNICATIONS Livonia, Mich. Largest printer of cents-off coupons showers employees with profit-sharing bonuses, holiday gifts, parties to celebrate company milestones. Result is a revved-up work force with longevity. Last summer when CEO Dave Brandon was married, every Valassis employee was invited to the wedding reception.

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Victoria's Secret sales slip as it tries to reduce coupons

Victoria's Secret sales slip as it tries to reduce coupons use. Tech sell off was a ‘head fake’ as stocks rebound, say analysts. Politics. To win in November, Trump would need to pull off

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Say Goodbye to Those Insanely Long Receipts at CVS | Fortune

CVS is its 70 million ExtraCare Rewards members the option for digital receipts starting in early June.

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Amazon Getting Huge Subsidy from US Postal Service

Shipping industry watcher and money manager Josh Sandbulte thinks there’s an ugly underside to the USPS-Amazon collaboration.

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Why Pfizer's Viagra Now Costs Half as Much | Fortune

Pfizer introduced generic Viagra at a big discount to the original, branded version on Monday. Here's why.

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What Really Kept Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Bill | Fortune

Congress and Trump to restart stimulus negotiations as $300 unemployment benefit expires

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The 100 Best Companies To Work For - January 12, 2004

38 (89) MITRE 20 hrs. $89,000 $740 McLean, Va. (50) $49,066 The nonprofit technology consultant for the Pentagon allows the most flexible of schedules: Create your own as long as you hit 40 hours in a seven-day period. Also: 23 days off and up to $14,000 in tuition reimbursement.

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