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TransUnion Credit Report Discount Code 20% - myFICO

just found a coupon code for TU CR: edited 20% savings, save 3.99 off the 19.95 price. Works as of 2/3/2012 Unfortunately discount codes cannot be posted within the forums unless that code came from myFICO's homepage or promoted on the forums by myFICO. Feel free to google "myFICO discount codes

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MyFico coupon code to purchase TU score - myFICO® Forums

Re: MyFico coupon code to purchase TU score Your TU04 score is likely a little lower than the one here - I don't know what the cutoff point is, but my TU98 score is 708 and my TU04 score is 712. However, I believe it was Shane on the mortgage boards who said that the trend is that lower scores tend to have TU98 higher than TU04 and the opposite

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Do you apply for store credit cards to get discoun

I opened my Target card because I'd just turned 18 and wanted credit (but this was when they still offered a 10% coupon vs. 5% everyday). Nowadays I just use it for the 5% off. I opened the Gap card for an extra 15% off, haven't cancelled it though. I get all sorts of additional % off for having/using the card + GE just doubled my CL to $8k.

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Lowe's 10% off with card - myFICO® Forums - 4083369

Or look around for coupon codes. I save at least 10% on every online Lowes order from coupon code, 3% or so from portals, and 7% or so buying discounted gift card with quick emal delivery. So by buying online with in-store pickup it is far better than any in-store savings.

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Online Macy's Application - myFICO® Forums - 214112

I disagree. I applied online for a Macys card last November. My credit score was in the low - mid 600s. I received a $400 CL instantly. I have received tons of coupons, % off, etc. I am not displeased with them at all.

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Just signed up with My Jewelers Club and New Coast

But many of you have given good reviews saying that when signed up, everyone is approved for $5k. Well I can confirm this, I signed up yesterday paying the member fee. I was even sent a coupon code ‘ comeback10’ by them taking $10 off the $99 fee making my sign up $89.

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Kohl Credit card worth apping for ? - myFICO® Forums - 4697194

By stacking 30% off coupons, discounted gift cards, and cash back, kohls cash, and yes 2 rewards you can get some amazing deals. Yes this is very true. I can use up to 4 Kohl's Cash, Coupons, discounts, and gift cards. Plus some months, shipping is free for cardholders online. I just bought a $45 backpack for my classes for only $15 after all

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Which Store Cards are Worth it for the Coupons? - myFICO

In addition they send out 15 or 20% off coupons that do work for any brand and that is hard to beat. Also sometimes they will have specials where if you make any amount purchase in a specific department you will automatically get 4 coupon cards. Split up the transactions and cha-ching.

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Rewards better then Kohl's CC I'm all ears - myFICO

What I love most is back to school and holidays, you can always stack at least 4 coupons as long as they are for different percentages off and you're not purchasing mostly clearance items. Then couple that with Kohls cash, you can get some deep savings. Everyone probably knows I love screenshots lol.

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Spur of the moment decision and it worked out - myFICO

My last purchase was a pair of running shoes I got for pretty cheap because they were on clearance and I had an extra 50% off clearance coupon code. Message 3 of 15 1 Kudo

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