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Gold Prices Stuck In 4-Week Range As Nasdaq Jumps Ahead Of

GOLD PRICES rose near $1960 per ounce in London trade Monday, right in the middle of the last 4 weeks' trading range, as US stock markets again pulled away from global equities with a 2.3% jump in the tech-heavy Nasdaq ahead of this week's monetary policy announcement from the Federal Reserve.

Actived: Thursday Sep 24, 2020

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Return of the Super Dollar! | Gold News

It doesn't promise a pay-off, or even try to keep pace with inflation via coupons or dividends. Yet it rose eight times over in the last three years of the '70s. It doubled its purchasing power during the Great Depression as well. There's trouble with money. Taking shelter in what preceded the "almighty Dollar" might just get you through.

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The Economics of Quantity | Gold News

Bill Bonner has co-authored a number of New York Times Bestsellers including Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt and Mobs, Markets and Messiahs.In his own opinion, Bill's most recent title, A Modest Theory of Civilization: Win-Win or Lose, is his best work yet.Bill also founded The Agora, a worldwide community for private researchers and publishers, in 1979.

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Why Buffett's Bank Investment is NOT a Vote of Confidence

Preference shares bearing a 'coupon' of 6%. Technically, preference coupons are dividends; the payment can only be made out of profits. Allow me nonetheless to use the term 'coupon' in order to compare the risks and returns of this deal with a bank deposit. The structure here is as close to a coupon as preference share terms allow.

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Gold rises in Asia as currency markets hot up | Gold News

Gold rose all through today's Asian session, gaining more than $4 from Monday's late sell-off in New York to regain $665 per ounce by the opening in London. Versus Sterling gold regained £342 per ounce. It broke back above €512 versus the Euro. The rally came despite falling oil and copper prices – proving yet again that gold has now decoupled from the broader fortunes of the commodity

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Gold "Remains Bullish" as UK Faces Credit Downgrade, US

The price of Gold rose to new 7-week highs at the start of London dealing on Thursday, touching $944 an ounce before slipping back as the US Dollar bounced on the currency market, and crude oil fell together with world stock markets. Sony Corp., the Japanese electronics giant, said it will halve the number of suppliers it uses, knocking 20% off last year's $5.3 billion purchasing costs.

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Opinion and Analysis | Gold News

Clipping coupons in Thailand Adrian Ash: 15 Dec '06 : A beauty contest for misshapen half-wits Adrian Ash: 11 Dec '06 : Have the wheels come off the commodity cycle? Adrian Ash: 08 Dec '06 : The mischief of cheap money Adrian Ash: 04 Dec '06 : Credit where credit's due Adrian Ash: 30 Nov '06 : Danger! Polonium 210 in the Stock Market Adrian Ash

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Scrip Money Arrives in Greece | Gold News

It is a simple as that. I have 183 employees and I will have to start laying them off,' he said. "His firm has reached an accord with regional supermarkets to accept coupons or private scrip money in lieu of payment as soon as next week. His workers will then be able to use this paper as a parallel currency at the supermarket to buy goods."

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HNY to the Fed's Inflation Machine | Gold News

What is interesting is that unlike in 2011 when Ben Bernanke virtually commanded the yield curve to flatten by implementing Operation Twist (selling short-term Treasuries and buying long-term Treasuries), the Fed today appears to be okay with a steepening curve (inflation is one condition under which the curve can steepen; the other being liquidity flight and/or deflation) as it focuses on

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If Stocks Rise, Watch Out! | Gold News - BullionVault

The private sector is angling to foist off its Greek bonds on European central banks. That would leave tax payers with the ultimate bill for Greek default. (SPV) and a lot of coupons. The simple explanation is probably the best one: it's an elaborate stalling maneuver designed to give banks time to prepare for Greece's inevitable default.

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Gold News | Gold Market Analysis & Gold Investment

Clipping coupons in Thailand Adrian Ash: 19 Dec '06 : The dismal history of phony money Addison Wiggin: 18 Dec '06 : Pirate equity Dan Denning: 18 Dec '06 : Monetary anarchy Dr Kurt Richebächer: 15 Dec '06 : America's free gift to China Adrian Ash: 15 Dec '06 : A beauty contest for misshapen half-wits Adrian Ash: 14 Dec '06 : Crossing the

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